UNIT4 acquires Primaccount softwareSale mandate

CIC Corporate Integration Consultants has assisted the shareholders and management in the sale of Primaccount Software to UNIT4.

This acquisition has strengthened the position of the Dutch market leader for accountancy software in the fiscal sector. UNIT4 acquired 100 percent of the shares from Primaccount Software in this deal.

About Primaccount

There are fifteen people currently working at Primaccount Software and 1,350 administrative and accounting firms use the tax software of the company. The company has a turnover of approximately 2.5 million. The acquisition makes UNIT4 the largest provider of tax software in the Netherlands. The expanded capacity enables UNIT4 to work on the new generation of tax advice software, where all market developments are processed and they are quickly adapted to the current situation.

Role CIC

Koos Kruijer and Koos Deken, directors and selling shareholders of Primaccount Software: “We hade made a deliberate choice to hire CIC in guiding us in the entire M&A process. CIC has extended knowledge of the software market and had the right national & international network of buy candidates for Primaccount. Through their large deal making experience. It was an intense process over the past 8 months, very informative and very successful. “

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