Outtask Expands Expertise with Successful Acquisition of Cincero, Advised by CICSale mandate

Outtask, a prominent player in the midsize to large enterprise staffing and recruitment sector, announces the successful acquisition of Cincero. This strategic move underscores Outtask's commitment to expanding its presence and expertise in the IT infrastructure market.

Over the past decade, Cincero, led by Ricardo Soto Escamilla and Dino Di Vece, has built a solid reputation as a premier provider of IT infrastructure specialists. Their expertise adds significant value to Outtask’s already diverse IT service portfolio.

Ricardo Soto Escamilla, Founder of Cincero, remarked, “This acquisition not only brings our expertise and experience to Outtask but also our full confidence in their ability to continue our work and better serve our clients.”

This integration strengthens Outtask’s position in the IT infrastructure market, solidifying its role as a full-service IT partner. It enables Outtask to offer a comprehensive approach to software development, DevOps, and now, IT infrastructure, further enhancing its competitive edge.

Mike Dawud, CEO of Outtask Group, stated, “The expertise and established organization that Ricardo Soto Escamilla and Dino Di Vece have cultivated represent dedication and craftsmanship. We are committed to honoring and continuing the legacy of Cincero while exploring new opportunities and enhancing our services to meet the growing needs of our clients.”

With this acquisition, Outtask bolsters its ambitious growth strategy, focusing on a significant expansion of its service offerings and client base in the coming years. By combining expertise and maximizing synergies, Outtask strengthens its leading position in the IT staffing market.

Role CIC

CIC played a pivotal role in advising the shareholders of Cincero IT B.V. throughout the acquisition process, facilitating the successful completion of the sales transaction.

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