Management buy-out Kender Thijssen Solutions BelgiumVerkoopmandaat

Kender Thijssen Solutions NV, passes through a management buyout in Belgian hands. The transaction is financially supported by Stroke Fund. For the transaction ICT Fund NV was founded by the management of Kender Thijssen Solutions NV and Stroke Fund II. Stroke Fund is an independent investment company founded and supported by a group of Flemish successful managers and entrepreneurs from various industries.

There is a ‘buy and build’ strategy evoked with the intention to take over other companies or departments within companies, thus leading to upscale in a fragmented Belgian IT infrastructure market. The acquisition of Kender Thijssen is, in other words only the first step in an ambitious growth plan.

CIC acted on behalf of the Dutch shareholders / owners and has successfully advised in this process until the actual completion of the management buy-out process.

About Kender Thijssen

Kender Thijssen is a service provider specializing in ‘IT security’. Kender Thijssen offers small and medium enterprises ‘IT continuity’ in the form of computer rental, hardware – and software maintenance and design, management, optimization and implementation of an ICT architecture, tailored to the specific needs of the customer.

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