InfoSecure becomes part of Meemaken B.V.Sale mandate

InfoSecure has been acquired by Dutch investment company Meemaken BV.

InfoSecure is a global market leader in employee awareness programs and training, has offices in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Scandinavia and is active in more than 100 countries. InfoSecure offers solutions in over 40 languages ranging from information security to compliance, integrity and business continuity management.

Melle Beverwijk, Founder of InfoSecure: “InfoSecure will continue her activities like we have done the past 10 years. The managing director of the new group including InfoSecure will be Peter Lokhorst. MeeMaken BV (Founded by Dutch strategic investor Roderik van Seumeren) is the majority shareholder of the new Group, and Peter and myself are also shareholders.
I will support the new group focused on the InfoSecure clients to expand our activities. The new group will bring InfoSecure on a higher strategic level by increasing the product portfolio and extending markets.”

Role CIC

CIC Corporate Integration Consultants acted on behalf of the shareholders of InfoSecure and successfully advised, brokered and assisted in the actual completion of the purchase/ sale process.

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