Acquisition Cliënt ICT by Avensus GroupSale mandate

Avensus Group acquires IT service provider Cliënt Solutions. Cliënt Solutions focuses on medium-sized organizations with projects and managed services. This fits perfectly with the ambitious buy-and-build strategy of Avensus in the field of Security and Cloud services.

The Avensus Group strengthens its customer base by removing IT complexity and increasing security. In the field of High Grade Security, Avensus is the market leader in the Benelux. With its Managed Cloud Services, Avensus distinguishes itself through expertise and customer orientation. The activities of Cliënt Solutions will now be added to the Avensus Group.

Lorenz Werts, director of Cliënt Solutions: “In the collaboration with Avensus Group, Cliënt is given the opportunity to give her strong growth a solid foundation. In recent years, the demand for our Cloud services has increased enormously. Together with Avensus, we can develop new solutions in which we further assist our customers in, for example, security.”

Growth through buy-and-build
‘With the acquisition of Cliënt Solutions, we give substance to our ambition to capture a market leading position in Security & Cloud. In addition, Cliënt contributes directly to the Group’s positive result.” Says Ed Trautig, managing director of the Avensus Group, “This strengthens our organic growth and brings us closer to our ambition to grow to a turnover of € 30 million this year.”

About Cliënt Solutions
Cliënt Solutions distinguishes itself through mature IT services and a strong customer focus. With its own Cloud solution under the name Everwork®, Cliënt is distinctive and reliable for its customers. Cliënt Solutions has nearly 40 employees.

Cliënt Solutions is part of the Cliënt ICT Group. The other activities are not taken over by Avensus Group. The Interim Professionals branch of Cliënt ICT Group continues with its activities under the name IT-Profile. These activities are offered from Veldhoven, where Cliënt Solutions provides its services from Weert in the Noord-Limburg area.

Role CIC

CIC advised and assisted the owners of Cliënt Solutions in the entire merger & acquisition process up to and including the successful completion of the transaction.

Lorenz Werts, director of Cliënt Solutions: “In an acquisition like this it is essential to have a good and reliable adviser. CIC has guided us in a competent and reliable way from the exploratory phase up to and including the closing. That gave us a safe and good feeling in an uncertain process!”

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